Frequently Asked Questions

The process of buying and selling, as well as the rental relationship, are often accompanied by a number of issues. The vast world of real estate may seem confusing at first glance, but we are here to help you padded with the experience, knowledge and skills of our consultants!

We have summarized the frequently asked questions about you. Please read here.
Choosing an intermediary for a purchase, sale or rental relationship is an informed solution that will save you time, effort and funds throughout the process. The Real Estate Agency will offer you full access to its database and that of its partners. It is a guarantee of safety, as well as for negotiating the best prices and conditions.
The relationship between the agency and our clients is regulated by a "Intermediary Contract" contract. It describes the rights and obligations of both parties– both yours and TOPIMMO's to you. All actions and deadlines are specified in detail.
The exclusive buyer or seller contract is related to the granting of exclusive rights to TOPIMMO when searching for or offering a property. This has to do with two main advantages: time saving and guaranteed safety. By delegating the representation to TOPIMMO, the Buyer has access to all offers on the market, contacting only one broker who is fully responsible for his interest. On the other hand, the Seller is also in contact with only one consultant, who is responsible for numerous calls and inspections at all times, and also provides access only to potential buyers who he has checked and with whom he is in a contractual relationship and does not allow malicious entries into the property.
We will organize inspections for each property you have listed at a time convenient for you! We do not charge a viewing fee, except for a minimum for properties located over 20 km from our office.
In order to book a property, you will need to make a deposit (usually around 10% of the property price or a minimum of € 1,000), which is non-refundable. With this action the property is stopped from sale both by our website and by the Seller.
Yes, you can pay by credit card, we will give you detailed instructions on how this can be done.
Yes, by authorizing a person of your choice or by authorizing our lawyer. Our representation is a free service for TOPIMMO clients. 
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